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not big into boxes

I was born in NYC and grew up in rural Pennsylvania.

Through the many moments of relocation I’ve lived in my adult years, moving from city to city, I’ve come to understand that physical location mirrors our internal perspectives and experiences.

I carry a sense of introspection and independence from growing up in open landscapes, but I feel the most at home and the most like myself in a busy city. 
Boundaries, borders, and boxes influence our growth, shape our worldviews, and change our language. Recognizing this means confronting structural inequalities and reflecting on the unique ways we embody the fabric of our physical environments.

Like the open spaces I grew up in, I prefer expansive perspectives and an unrestricted sense of self and identity.

I try to create work that reflects this perspective, that is true to my values, and explores how systems and structures affect the individual on an emotional and existential level.